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Power Primer Kit

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Power Primer Kit

For ease of pumping, Cadman can make your life easy with its line of power primers. Each Cadman Power Primer is made with a heavy-duty 30 CFM vacuum pump that can prime most suction lines in less than a minute. Our most popular model, the 12 Volt Power Primer is made with a true 12-volt electric motor. Not a starter motor like some of the competition.

For applications with an electric pump, Cadman offers a 110 Volt Power Primer.

Primes pumps in less than a minute.


• High-volume pump
•  Extra heavy-duty 12-volt motor
•  Long-life vanes
•  Automatic lubrication
•  Easily installed on either PTO pumps or stationary units
•  Quality construction


•  Primer pump and motor
•  Activation switch with valve
•  Complete wiring harness
•  Suction hose
•  Necessary fittings and hardware for installation

Cadman Power Primer Kits come with everything you need to hook up.

Oil Kit sold separately. 

They are a powerful and quick way to prime your pump.