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Nelson SR 150

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Irrigation Gun - Nelson Irrigation 150 Series Big Gun- NELSON SR 150


Reliability for hose reel traveller and industrial applications. Part-circle operation for the ultimate travelling sprinkler or field edge.

The 150 Series sprinklers have larger nozzle sizes that allow for wider row spacing in traveller (water reel) applications.

Flow: 90-630 GPM (20-143 m3/hr)

Pressure: 50-120 psi (3.5-8.25 bar)

Radius: 120-240 ft (36-73 m)

Trajectory: 21°, 24°, 27°, 43°, 15-45°

Connections: Flanged / Threaded Adapters

Nozzles: Taper Bore / Ring 

Recommended for: hose reel traveller irrigation, feedlot dust suppression and cooling, log yard wet storage, wastewater, field-grown, dust suppression, mining, hay and forage, wheat. 

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